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Tailored workouts for true results.


Eden Lee


"I passionately delve into the latest research on exercise, fasting and nutrition, environmental conditioning (heat and cold), meditation, mindset and Breathwork as well as anything else that effects the human condition".

 Eden has spent the majority of his life studying and refining his knowledge of many health and physical wellness modalities.

His Body Conditioning  approach endeavours to meet the individuals needs on the day and over time, based on the Pilates technique, the latest in scientific research and the decades of experience he has training clients of all ages, abilities and talents, from all walks of life.

 Joseph Hubertus Pilates was a true innovator, he created an exercise system that has weathered the tests of time. His creativity lead him to create 100’s of exercises and dozens of different exercise apparatus.

Eden always endeavours to tailor for his clients the way ‘Uncle Joe’ did for his. 


Group class prices with the benefits of a tailored personal approach


"Over the years of working with this method I have found Pilates to be the cornerstone of my fitness and movement practice and I have helped people over come and improve almost every element of their lives".


Improve Balance

Increase Bone density

Loose weight

Tone muscle

Build muscle

Increase flexibility

Find mental clarity and calmness

Stabilise joints

Improve or eliminate Back Pain


And so much more. "I find a consistent approach that adapts to the individuals needs is what gets true and lasting results for you. That is why I teach the way I do".


Uncle Joe Pilates once said that


“Physical fitness is the first requisite of Happiness”


We couldn’t agree more , come to Pilates Central and get Happy.