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I have been working on this program for decades. Every little gem of information I've managed to find,  has informed what  I've included. Just the essentials, no useless filler.

This program represents the distilled wisdom of science and ancient wisdom. I have included the best to get you Fit, Toned and Flexible while being Happy, Strong and Healthy.


You will not be left alone to complete this quietly, there will be regular online meet ups with small groups to share stories, ask questions and clarify techniques. We are in this together. My commitment to you is that you will feel and look better for having put your time , effort and money into the Transcend program.


See you on the inter webs! 

Get with the Program.

  • Transcend Program

    10 Weeks to a more adaptable, strong flexible and agile you
    • Unlimited Access to all course materials
    • You will only lose access if I go out of business
    • I've been going for 20 years so far!
    • If you need support REACH OUT we are here for you.
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