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Your Initial Consultation 

will still be a workout but...
Star preparation Eden reformer personal pilates
coaching Eden reformer personal pilates
Long Back Stretch Eden reformer personal pilates
Hip flexor extension stretch Eden reformer personal pilates
Hinge Eden reformer personal pilates

...before we start there is a short screening so we can work with your needs and goals.

The first session will be a more gentle workout as I will be using the exercises to ascertain your general physical condition and how best to proceed with tailoring your training..

Guiding you through your Pilates session is an honour and  your safety and comfort are our priority.

Part of helping you to achieve your goals will involve challenging your limitations; but you should always feel safe, secure and in good hands during this process.


My current clientele ranges in age from 9 to 95 years of age. We aim to cater for ALL levels of physical ability. Pilates is for everyBODY from improving your wellbeing or improving the golf swing, getting more coordination or  relief from  pain, Pilates allows us to tailor your workout on the day and over time to build  resilient and adaptable mind and body, better able to cope with these strange times.

Eden has worked with clients as soon as 6 weeks after spinal surgery, pregnant women (some until days before labour!)


Current and previous clients include: 

Australian and International  Olympic Athletes

V8 super car drivers  

Power Lifters

Professional Golfers

International Actors

International Professional Dancers

Dance Students

NRL players

AFL players

Champion Swimmers

Professional Athletes




Gym gear or loose comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement without being too revealing. As we progress frequently your legs will be up in the air and if pants are too loose then they will slip up. Socks are also worn in the studio environment but shoes are unnecessary. If you feel the need to use a towel please bring one with you.

I have worked with clients suffering from:

Lower Back Pain/ Sciatica

Neck Pain

Frozen Shoulder/ Rotator Cuff

Sports Injuries/ Tendon ruptures

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Osteo Arthritis

Immune Dysfunctions

Shoulder reconstruction

Disc Bulge/ Herniation


Ankylosing Spondylosis

and many others

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