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The Transcend program consists of 3 synergistic elements.


Mindset, Body conditioning, and Breathwork.

One subscription price covers everything:

Multi level workouts from Re/Hab to No/Flab and Be/Fab.

Specialised rehabilitation for invididual body parts to resolve those niggles.

24/7 access: Workout, Breathe, Meditate on your schedule.

Content updated at least weekly.

Regular ‘live’ catch ups online and over email/SMS to keep you on track

I will provide tailored content to your needs, just join up and advise us what you need.

If you want to get Fit, Toned and Flexible while being Happy, Strong and Healthy then this program is the way to begin that journey.

Each week all the elements of the program will combine to increase your core strength and joint stability. Your back pain will reduce. Your mind will clarify. We will begin the process of uncovering your deeper physiology.

Week by week each element will build and work deeply within you to forge the changes you are looking to make. Whether that is in the deep processes in your body, your fitness or your mindset.


The Body conditioning block of the Transcend program is based on the Pilates method. The movements can all be customized to your needs. I have incorporated principles from Calisthenics, Kettlebell training, Martial arts, Ballet and Dance. In conception and construction, I have kept science and scientific principles at the front of my mind. As a result, this training is as safe and effective as possible.

I have expanded on the traditional Pilates repertoire using the knowledge gained over decades of working with clients. I have created a program that I can be proud of and that you can have confidence in doing. You should feel safe, supported and achieve the benefits as we progress.

Together we can make you Fit, Toned and Flexible. Like all things the more you put in the more you get out. So to help you achieve a routine and keep you on track we will have regular messaging and video meetings to clarify, discuss and generally make sure you are getting what you need from the Transcend program.

I love questions! The more questions you have for me the more we can grow together and the more effective and targeted we can become.

Pilates Mat work Side Bend Eden reformer personal pilates


Breathing is so fundamental to our lives that it is often overlooked. When is the last time you considered how you were breathing. Perhaps during exercise when you were getting tired or near exhaustion? Yet we can steer our physiology with our breath. If you don't believe me, breathe all the air out of your lungs and hold... Stay there as long as possible. Did you feel like your were going to die before you took a breath. I want to teach you how you can use the breath to access 'hidden' physiological processes to bring you into a state where you are Happy, Strong and Healthy. Within weeks of starting you will also be fully familiar with the Wim Hof Method.

Did you know that as you breathe in your heart rate and blood pressure increase? And when you breathe out your heart rate and blood pressure decrease? These are small but measurable changes that happen within your body continuously. Managed and controlled by your Autonomic nervous system. We will progress together through the breathwork block of the Transcend program incorporating ancient and modern knowledge and wisdom. You will learn how to tap into your deeper physiology quickly and effectively to change your mental and emotional state. As we progress, the Breathwork will come together with the full Wim Hof Method of breathing which you can then use as a daily practice.

Effectively you will learn how to hit the reset button on your physiology, using tools and techniques that you always have with you.

Breathwork training, for life


Mindset is the lens through which we focus our ever-present now. Within mindset, we can employ various techniques to expand our resilience and adaptability. Techniques such as meditation and mindfulness, body conditioning, awareness exercises and even environmental conditioning (heat and cold) fall into this realm of training.

Your intention is another great way to change the flavour of how and what you think without constantly paying attention to your 'monkey mind chatter'. Not only keeping a calmer focus but also maintaining a greater awareness and resilience. The intention is also a potent tool to clarify your thoughts before any situation.

Awareness is the first step in establishing a strong mindset. How can we change and adapt if we aren't aware that something needs to shift?

The Transcend program will give you a range of tools so you can establish a strong and fruitful mindset practice. You can change the lens through which you focus your daily reality. Allowing yourself to move beyond the vacuous nature of positive affirmation and take tangible steps to work with your mind.

Mindset is perhaps the most underrated aspect of how me manage ourselves in life. Yet science informs us that all of our sensory information is first filtered through our state of mind, this occurs in the limbic brain. Before our conscious mind even finds out what is happening. In other words how you think and feel changes what and how you see, feel, hear and interpret the world around you!

Mindset meditation training

Privacy Policy:

All information gathered is kept strictly confidential and is handled in accordance with Australian Privacy Law. These are amongst the highest standards on the planet.

You will not be contacted by any third parties as a result of signing up to this site. We do not, have not and will never sell you information to anyone else.

Your safety and privacy is our highest priority. Should you require any further information please email

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